Divine grace—and dignity in human life

Dignity, expressed in calmness and respect, is a very encouraging thing to observe—especially when divergent viewpoints are inflaming unpleasant reactions in others. Like the dignity displayed by a figure such as Nelson Mandela. But instead of simply being awestruck at another’s ability to maintain a sense of dignity during difficult times—or being disappointed and disgruntled because we don’t see more dignity expressed in society—you and I can increase our own ability to conduct ourselves in a dignified manner. And the grace of God is here to aid us.

Let’s face it. Disagreements among human beings can come up anytime, anywhere. And we are all challenged to refrain from losing our cool when we are faced with disagreements and unpleasant behavior on the part of others—in our families, in social settings, when we watch news, and in numerous other settings. Even if we manage to keep our words and actions under control while we get a grip on ourselves, something more reliable than our own willful efforts is required. 

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August 28, 2017

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