Daughter’s injuries healed

One day recently, my adult daughter, Kim, was outside while her pup, Duncan, was nearby. She heard yelping and saw that a very large dog had grabbed Duncan by the head. She rushed over and attempted to pry open the dog’s jaws. After a brief struggle, the dog released Duncan and became calm and nonthreatening, even wagging its tail. My daughter’s pup had minor injuries and was OK, but Kim’s hands had been bitten several times as she’d intervened to save Duncan. People expressed alarm at the condition of her hands and suggested she go to the hospital’s emergency room.

When Kim got home, she called me for prayerful support. We talked about how as spiritual expressions of divine Love, neither she nor Duncan could be touched, harmed, or affected by anything material. Just as water and oil don’t mix, Spirit and matter (the real and unreal) don’t mix; we knew the spirituality and true existence of each of God’s ideas remained intact. 

Image and Inspiration
Arise, arise and shine
December 14, 2015

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