No grief in the fullness of Love

The loss of a dearly loved family member can be a deep challenge, especially the loss of a spouse. The day-to-day closeness, camaraderie, support, and sharing can seem a void difficult to fill. The depth of our love for the individual may feel as if it’s increasing the grief. As with all human challenges, though, there is a tender, divinely provided answer that heals the sense of void by opening up a fuller understanding of divine Love, God, and our completeness in Love.  

Each of us has different experiences, different needs, and different spiritual lessons to learn. But for all of us, the overall, constant impulsion in our lives—even if unseen—is divine Love continuously urging us to wake up to our God-given wholeness. In the fullness of infinite Love there are no voids, and each of us, as God has created us, individually expresses that fullness. Christ, the very manifestation of Love, is working within our thought, destroying fear and sorrow, opening our eyes and heart to the fullness of good that Love is perpetually bestowing on us.

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January 12, 2015

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