Detecting and rejecting the counterfeit

In today’s commercial industry there are many fake products that fool buyers, such as off-market brands and copycat items that look like the real thing, not to mention counterfeit money. Detecting counterfeit items in the marketplace requires familiarity with their legitimate counterparts—with the genuine products—and oftentimes checking their trademark or country of origin.

While people are generally aware of the need to be alert to such deceitful practices, they may be less aware of a subtler kind of deceit that operates wholly in thought and would fool us into believing the counterfeit of our true selves—that is, that we are mortal, flawed, perhaps even sick or sinful, rather than wholly spiri­tual, made in God’s image and likeness, and therefore free from disease and sin. Detecting and rejecting the counterfeit view of man and recognizing and accepting the real and true requires a familiarity with God, divine Truth, and with man’s unbroken relationship to God, and with his spiritual nature as perfect and Godlike.

Getting to know God
January 12, 2015

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