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[“Communing with God,” Ruth Geyer, July 14, 2014, Sentinel]
Healing is always about waking up.

Our most important job

Whatever our daily work includes, our real and eternal employment is to serve as proof of God’s presence.
The healing started taking place right then, even before I hit “Send.”
While I didn’t feel kinship with Absalom, I did see some parallels between his behavior and my own.
Spiritual Lens


The Designer’s presentationpure protected perfectionheld in spiritual reflectionall bathed by beauty’s light;no darkness, guilt, or night—as no accuser tarries there.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Wisdom and might are qualities typically thought to have a human source.
How I Found Christian Science

Innumerable blessings

I remember that day in the year 2001—the day which ultimately transformed my life completely.

Bullied? Don't give up!

In third grade, my best friend, whom I knew from kindergarten, was in my class.
Testimony of Healing
Years ago I worked for a contractor doing residential construction work several hours from home and rented a small room, where I stayed throughout the week.
Testimony of Healing

Wisdom tooth pain ends

Several years ago I noticed that I had a wisdom tooth coming in.
Testimony of Healing

Leg injury healed

A few years ago I was ice-skating with my children, and I slipped and fell, landing on my youngest son.
Testimony of Healing

Claim your true inheritance

I began studying Christian Science over 25 years ago.
From the Editors
Hope denies predictions of failure, of death, and of uselessness.

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