Gash in hand quickly healed

Years ago I worked for a contractor doing residential construction work several hours from home and rented a small room, where I stayed throughout the week. There were about half a dozen others at the job site, and I noticed that several of them were using a type of circular saw I’d never seen before—a “worm drive” saw, popular on the West Coast for framing houses. Heavier and shaped differently from an East Coast circular saw, they spun up a little more slowly but developed enormous torque and cut through wood like it was butter. 

There was no table saw on site, so when I had to make a parallel cut into a piece of interior trim, I asked to use one of these exotic saws, the first time I’d ever handled one. I held the stick of trim with one hand, pulled the trigger with the other, and attempted to carefully let the saw down into the wood. Immediately the saw kicked back violently, and the teeth bit into my left hand, leaving a large gash.

Testimony of Healing
Wisdom tooth pain ends
August 18, 2014

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