Each innately worthy

Several years ago I got a gentle nudge from our Father-Mother God in seeing how God values His creation. 

I was sitting in my den with my new kitten on one side and the senior cat, which my husband and I had rescued two years earlier, on the other. I was thinking about all the fuss being made over the new kitten. He was so cute—and just as sweet. He’d been getting all the attention from our friends and relatives. But as I sat there, I saw that both cats were worthy of love, deserving of love. Because they were each part of God’s creation, being loved was their right, and they had this love now. Their worthiness had nothing to do with how cute one was, or any other factor. They were innately worthy as part of God’s creation. And I can still remember how happy that made me feel. Each cat had his own special place in God’s kingdom. And I saw how this applies to everyone. Each of us is innately worthy because God made us that way. That’s just the way we are—loved.

The world needs you
September 3, 2012

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