Help from God's creatures, for His creation

The farm dog went missing, so the owner grew anxious and mounted a search party. The search began at twilight and dragged on through most of the night. Not long before dawn, they located the dog. He had tucked himself under a nearby bridge. But the real surprise for the search party was an additional and unexpected find. Beneath that bridge the pooch had, inner-tube-like, wrapped himself around an abandoned two-week-old infant. A human baby. In doing so the dog had kept the infant warm, and therefore kept him alive. At the same time, the dog shielded the infant from a menagerie of night-creatures not inclined to befriend humans of any size. At last report, both dog and baby were doing well and were expected to make full recoveries (Ghana News Agency, June 8, 2012). 

When you come across a heartwarming happy ending like that, it is easy to wonder what impels a dog—or, for that matter, a person—to do such a caring act. What stirs one to make the extra effort, to go the additional mile? Is it instinct, or something much more?

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September 3, 2012

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