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Wow! I just loved the August 6 Sentinel [“Soul’s ‘infinite resources’ ”] and must express my deep gratitude.

Each innately worthy

Several years ago I got a gentle nudge from our Father-Mother God in seeing how God values His creation.

The world needs you

"You're needed" is more than feel-good encouragement; it's spiritual fact.

The Tzedakah measurement

Our prayers often have far-reaching effects—and can bless in unexpected ways.

Of 'joints and marrow'

A knee injury yields as this author recognizes how God’s ideas work together constructively.
A new author writes a book inspired by a beloved grandmother. 

Hip, hip, hooray!

Sarah Gall’s book Once upon a Grandma, written under the name Sarah Helen Harrison, is as gentle and encouraging as the grandmother she writes about.

Spiritual sight

My relationship with God, infinite goodness, is nothing less than eternal oneness.
The idea of relying on something spiritual such as love, and not brawn, to win battles traces back to Bible times. 

At home in Spirit

This author is guided through prayer to a perfect housing solution.
It didn’t look like he’d find a job, until he committed to "walking with God."

Break out of that shell!

There's something we can learn from chicks and eggs.
The Touch of Class

God knows what's best

I prayed and asked God to show me a sign that I was making the right choice to go ahead.
Sentinel Watch
The Bible verse "Where there is no vision, the people perish" moves my heart to pray for greater vision.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

The depth of God's riches

For the lesson titled "Substance" from September 3–9, 2012

Travel and church

I love to attend Christian Science churches in other countries. 
Items of Interest
A 600-foot footrace was the only athletic event at the first Olympics, a festival held in 776 BC and dedicated to Zeus, the chief Greek god.
Testimony of Healing

Child's behavior problem healed

My family and I have had many Christian Science healings of financial, emotional, and physical challenges.
Testimony of Healing

Safe from fire

Early in 2011, I received a frantic call from my daughter, “Dad, there is a huge fire headed for my house.
Testimony of Healing

Hand healed after fall

In 2006, when I was living in Beijing, China, I attended an afternoon conference in a hotel.
From the Editors
What impels a dog—or, for that matter, a person—to do a caring act?

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