Foot injury healed

It was a brisk Friday morning and I was out feeding our horses. As I usually do, I let the horses out of their stalls to stretch their legs. And as I let them out, I gave them some pieces of carrot. Well, this morning our mare, Rory, was so intent on her piece of carrot that she accidentally stepped on my left foot as she came out of the stall. She had never done anything like that before and it startled both of us!

Rory immediately turned to her right and moved quickly to get off my foot. As she turned and started moving away, she hit me with her shoulder and knocked me to the ground. All this happened in a matter of one or two seconds. I hit the ground hard, and my foot began to throb with pain. It flashed through my thought that having a full-grown horse step on my foot probably meant broken bones.

Testimony of Healing
A childhood healing
July 9, 2012

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