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What a dear article on overcoming grief [Janet Cowgill Distel, “Life lessons,” June 11 Sentinel].

Goodness: what's now, and what's next?

I love the place that the word and occupies on the cover of this week’s issue: “The good now and the good ahead.
Ever wanted to know more about how you can take greater advantage of Mary Baker Eddy’s unique system for “self-instruction in Christian Science” through the Bible and her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures?

Showers of goodness

The goodness of God is at hand to bless you, renew you, and maintain you.
We can know God’s presence right now.
Homeless, the author prayed and placed her trust in God.
Let's ditch the trap of grouping people by personality.

Diving deeper

A few years ago, someone dear to me made some decisions that hurt me.

Trials, not troubles

Sickness and fear never have the final word. God's "verdict" for us is always good.

Admission of new members

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,

What should I wear?

Is it possible to spiritualize our concept of fashion?
Social networking doesn't have to include bragging or dread.
Sometimes what seemed like a joke would hurt a family member.
The Touch of Class
I attended a Christian Science Sunday School nearly every week until my late teens.
How I Found Christian Science
Two tons of baggage seemed to lift from my back.
Your Daily Lift

Flight plan

On a recent airline flight, I was reminded of how familiar the pilot’s opening routine is.
Sentinel Watch
Diving deeper in our prayer and study takes us to a place of refuge.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

The water of life

The stories remind us of the rivers metaphorically flowing from the city of God.
Church Alive

Welcoming visitors

I've discovered that visitors have often experienced spiritual healing themselves.
Items of Interest
The Mother Church.
Items of Interest
 Gabe Lyons thinks Christian culture warriors are on the wrong path.
Testimony of Healing

Broken arm healed quickly

When my son was five years old, he was playing with our Labrador puppy and the dog knocked him into the brick hearth of our fireplace.
Testimony of Healing

Foot injury healed

It was a brisk Friday morning and I was out feeding our horses.
Testimony of Healing

A childhood healing

One of my earliest childhood memories involves a truly remarkable healing I had through prayer.
From the Editors
The founder of this magazine, Mary Baker Eddy, strongly challenged all notions about delayed healing.

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