In this series, individuals share how taking Christian Science Primary class instruction has strengthened their spiritual understanding, and brought increasing inspiration and healing to their lives.

Giving quiet thanks

We are told in the Bible that when Moses came down from the mountain, after having talked with God and having been given the Ten Commandments, his face shone (see Exodus 34:29).

Many years ago, the First Reader at my church resumed his post after a two-week absence. I couldn’t ignore the radiant look on his face; it was so beautiful. Later, I learned he had just finished Christian Science class instruction; like Moses, he, too, had been listening to God. I felt, then, to take class must be very special. Soon, my husband and I decided to apply. We were accepted and spent much prayerful time in preparation for this special event.

The Touch of Class
Special time with God
November 12, 2012

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