Teeth in their proper position

I’m grateful to testify to a wonderful healing my son Nathan had with his teeth. About three years ago new teeth started to come through his gums on both sides of his front teeth. These new teeth were to replace the baby teeth. However, the baby teeth were still very firmly in place. When this situation first appeared I started praying about it immediately, as I had learned to do in Christian Science. I was praying with the idea that God was governing and that all was unfolding at His direction. The new teeth eventually came fully through the gums, but the baby teeth were not the least bit loose. The new teeth were sticking through the gums above the baby teeth and looked like fangs. 

When Nathan went to have his teeth cleaned, the dentist spoke with me afterward, telling me that Nathan should see an orthodontist. I thanked the dentist but told him that I was expecting the baby teeth to come out and the new teeth to move down into their proper place. The dentist replied, “That’s not what happens.”

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January 2, 2012

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