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I wish to express my deepest gratitude for Jeffrey Hildner’s article, “Free the angel,” in the December 5 issue of the Sentinel [“Art & Soul”].

Not cursed...blessed

The concept of people as sinners is deeply entrenched in society’s thought.
Items of Interest
When Jim and Linda Leindecker stepped into First Church of Christ, Scientist, here in Oconto, Wisconsin, in summer 2010, they found dust, cobwebs, and some old paint.
Sin succeeds by claiming to be good. That deception needs to be exposed and destroyed.
A decades-long struggle with sexual thoughts about young people is healed.
Prayer turns thought permanently away from a pull towards sensuality.

Christian Science opens prison doors

Finding Christian Science in jail forever changes a Burundian man's life.

A spiritual, realistic view of the economy

A Time4Thinkers podcast with the Christian Science Board of Directors.

A universal love story

In the midst of changing times, love brings the world together.

Wedding guests

Two guests refuse to accept "dead ends" when they can't find the bride's village.

My treehouse healing

This teen prays for healing after he falls during a camp activity.

God's beautiful world

Graceful, still, blue,         pure water  fills our world.
God created us to do all kinds of wonderful stuff!
Church Alive

Prepared to teach

After recently moving to a new town, I attended the local Christian Science church for a Wednesday evening testimony meeting.
Sentinel Watch
Prayer has the power to interrupt the threat of violence before it gets a foothold.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

A cup of salvation

There is nothing more satisfying than giving (or receiving!) a simple spiritual truth that meets a need.
Testimony of Healing
Although my parents were not practicing Christian Scientists when I was growing up, they each had had some Christian Science Sunday School experience as children, so they sent my siblings and me to Sunday School on and off for several years.
Testimony of Healing
I’m grateful to testify to a wonderful healing my son Nathan had with his teeth.
From the Editors
A frequent drama plays out on the stage of the African savannah.

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