An invitation to celebrate

First appeared as a web original on May 16, 2006

My desk was piled with accumulated bills and papers because my file drawers were too disorganized to use. It was an overwhelming sight. But a work colleague and I had recently sorted through the files in our office with amazing results, so I was encouraged to realize my files at home could be orderly, too.

Happily, I began to organize and weed out my papers. I was making good progress, when I came across a folder from college that reminded me of a time when I had been pretty smug and self-centered. In fact, I’d been so sure of myself that I hadn’t considered other people’s feelings. As I looked at the contents, the memory of things flippantly said and done years ago collided with my radically different approach to relationships now. The resulting discomfort was a severe mental jolt.

Psssst! Did you hear?
August 8, 2011

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