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The moment I receive my favourite magazine, the Christian Science Sentinel, I turn first spontaneously to page 3 for an introduction by one of the staff editors, which sets the tone, and then to the last page, “From the editors,” which brings the theme to a healing conclusion.

‘If only . . . ’

Who hasn’t at one time or another agonized over something in the past?
Items of Interest
At the pulpit of an inner-city Chicago mosque, the tall blond imam begins preaching in his customary fashion, touching on the Los Angeles Lakers victory the night before, his own gang involvement as a teenager, a TV soap opera, and then the Day of Judgment.
Items of Interest
Boomers may be acting holier than thou for a reason: They’re the fastest-growing age group in US divinity schools, increasing from 12 percent of students in 1995 to 21 percent in 2010.
Items of Interest
In a nod to the revolutionary changes occurring in publishing, the new complete Common English Bible is now debuting in 20 digital platforms, almost two months before print editions will be available in stores.
Sentinel Watch

Cambodia rising

The prayer that affirms how God’s law overrules human conditions is effective. It brings human existence into view as cared for and safe. 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
God provides for every need, changing even the bleakest circumstances to joy as we journey from “sense to Soul.” 
How I Found Christian Science

A new beginning

I began to discover an undreamed-of new freedom for myself.


Dear God, You are the only Mind—You knowall things that are, and therefore they exist:from galaxies expanding in vast dancesto subatomic traceries of force.

Job-placement directed by God

A teacher prays when she feels her work is irrelevant and unappreciated.

Seeing ‘the face of God’

We can all see how precious and lovable each person is.
Travel offers time to recognize God's harmonious control.
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Linda Kohler, of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, as the new Trustee of The Christian Science Publishing Society.

At peace with the past

There is a way to redeem the past and the mistakes we've made. Permanent healing is within reach.


Despite an early life of criminal behavior, this woman reshapes her life in a spiritual direction.

No regrets

Backward-looking thinking immerses us in a mental fog making us feel separated from God.

An invitation to celebrate

Feeling remorse about her attitude during college, this writer prays for forgiveness.
Thoughts on gossip from a blog post on
Church Alive

Church Alive highlights

Living in a small southwestern town in New Mexico, without a Christian Science church or society, did not stop four individuals who live here—and have been used to attending Christian Science churches most of our lives—from finding a way to have church.
True heaven is not a hereafter. It is a here now.
Testimony of Healing
Thinking about the time I first joined a branch church inspired me to write this testimony.
Testimony of Healing

No more food allergies

The year before Christian Science came into my life, I left a full-time teaching position to stay at home with my infant son.
Testimony of Healing
In Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, she clearly sets out how to mentally resist the imposition of false thinking—thoughts that result in disease and suffering.
From the Editors

To change the world

The Science of the Christ is here, not merely as a religious denomination but as God's love, present and powerful. 

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