Healed after a fall

One Friday about two years ago, my husband and I were taking our daily walk in our neighborhood. As we passed a house that was under construction, I was watching the carpenters and did not pay attention to where I was walking. I tripped and landed hard on my chin, trying to break my fall with my arms. A workman called to me, “Are you all right?” I struggled to sit upright on the pavement and hollered back, “I’m fine, thank you, I’m fine.” In my mind, I affirmed that statement more strongly: “I am the perfect expression of God—unfallen, intact, whole.”

I immediately turned to prayer, as many past healings in my family have shown me that Christian Science healing is effective and reliable and brings permanent results. In Christian Science treatment, it’s important to “know the truth,” as Jesus teaches in the Gospel of John: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (8:32). The truth about God’s spiritual creation is the opposite of the picture that we see and feel with our physical senses. In this situation, the metaphysical truth was that I was whole and intact and had never fallen out of God’s care, not even for an instant.

Testimony of Healing
Healing of burns and tachycardia
May 16, 2011

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