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I wish to express long overdue thanks to Jan Keeler, whose article “Find your center” in the March 21 issue [“A way out of depression”] has so inspired me.

Fortified against accidents

It’s normal to want to keep ourselves and others safe.
Items of Interest
In a presentation at the American Educational Research Association’s Annual Conference, William Jeynes, Senior Fellow at the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, and a professor at California State University in Long Beach, shared long-awaited results of his research on the factors that most reliably reduce the achievement gap.
Items of Interest

Church giving is up

Churches have begun to rebound financially with more seeing increases in giving, a new survey found.
Items of Interest
As the Master at Trinity College, one of Cambridge University’s top academic posts, Martin Rees attends chapel every week.
Sentinel Watch

Changing the mental climate

The world literally is a better place when we see more of the wondrous spiritual majesty that undergirds reality. 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
What does a life filled with the Holy Spirit of God look like?  

Shall we dance?

An interview with Philadelphia dancers and teachers Margarita de Saá and John White.

The economics of living love

A professor's surprising lecture motivates this writer spiritually.

Christian Science was my rock

Christian Science provides stability during a time of religious scrutiny.
The unexpected, damaging events we call accidents, can provide opportunities for purification, renewal, and realignment.

Spiritual safety briefing

A former US Army Chaplain shares ideas on praying for the safety of soldiers.
Shaken from a bus accident, this writer finds peace through prayer.

Protected when my car tumbled

Peace and vacation plans don't have to be thwarted by an unexpected event.

Healed after an accident

After falling, turning to God brings healing and freedom.
Excerpts from a live Sentinel Web chat with Fujiko Signs, C.S.B.
Church Alive

Your ideas are needed, too!

Your Sunday School wants to hear your voice, what you have to offer and share. This may mean speaking up in class or bringing a lesson plan yourself.
How I Found Christian Science

Walking ‘hand in hand’ with God

Walking hand-in-hand with God as we move forward in life requires humble spiritual work every day: honest self-examination, a sincere look at our thinking.
Testimony of Healing

Healed after a fall

One Friday about two years ago, my husband and I were taking our daily walk in our neighborhood.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of burns and tachycardia

There was a time in my life when I felt very discontented.
Testimony of Healing

Ruptured tendon healed

About a year and a half ago, I had spent months planning and organizing a trip with co-workers to an annual professional conference.
From the Editors
We each have the power to reduce evil in any form to the essential status of a lie.

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