Victory over injustice

In a broadcast from Egypt I heard on the radio, during the recent demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, a reporter asked one Egyptian woman what she hoped would come of the protests. She answered in one word: “Justice.” 

Whether it’s about political or social wrongs, business disputes, job loss, or even illness, our world often does not seem to be a very just and fair place. Yet, justice is vital to peoples’ lives. Even young children are already keenly aware of what is just or not, and they will, as every parent knows, speak up in no uncertain terms when they deem something to be “not fair.”

The term “justice” is derived from the Latin noun jus, meaning “law.” The Bible, in so many ways, affirms that God is the only lawgiver, or Principle, of the universe—and justice is an essential quality of His creation. The Psalmist sings, “Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne” (Ps. 89:14). God’s law, governing all, is always merciful, just, and good. And prayer based on this divine law doesn’t leave us helpless.

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