Divine law’s hand in a corporate dispute

A distribution company in the United Kingdom once owed my business in Ireland a large amount of money. In spite of letters, persuasive phone calls, and threats of legal action, they still didn’t pay. They claimed it was a disputed amount. Finally, and reluctantly, I asked a law firm to institute proceedings, but there was still no response, no payment.

I called the chief executive officer of the company, and to my amazement his response was that he thought I’d probably win the case in the U.K., but that if I did, he’d take it to the European Court. He suggested I ask myself whether I could afford the legal fees if I were to lose, and then ended the conversation by saying, “These cases can drag on for years!” That surprised me, but I suspected he was right. A friend had tried it, and it had cost him a fortune. What’s more, before any settlement had been reached, the company he was suing had gone into liquidation.

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