Love kept me going

“And a little child shall lead them” (Isa. 11:6). As I have studied this phrase from Isaiah, the story comes to mind of a young girl about age four who asks her parents if she could talk to her baby brother—alone. Her parents agree, and she goes in to sit by her brother’s crib and closes the door. Her parents, listening outside the door, hear her say to her brother, “Tell me about God . . . I have forgotten so much.” Don’t we long to feel closer to God—to have that childlike innocence and trust? 

This story became particularly vivid to me in light of a recent experience. My wife, granddaughter, and I were visiting an apartment complex/retirement facility for senior citizens. As we walked through the halls, we noticed that the conversations in the common areas were overwhelmingly about various ailments and medical remedies. After the tour was completed, our family paused in a sitting area in the foyer while the tour guide gave us some time alone. When our tour guide returned, as I stood up, I realized I had no sense of balance. It was difficult to speak or to move. 

Falling Upward
October 3, 2011

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