THE MEMOIRS OF NEHEMIAH, who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in spite of enemy resistance, fill a major portion of this week's Christian Science Bible Lesson, titled "Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced." Not only does Nehemiah sprinkle his story with drama and intrigue, but more important, this devout man shares his prayers at each stage of the mission. Little did he know that generations would benefit from one man's total dependence upon God. Wall-building 2,500 years ago may sound far removed from our experience, but history is full of those called by God to aid His cause, and today is no exception.

The Responsive Reading and Section I provide good equipment for God's champions. Nehemiah would have known the verses that tell how to recognize evil, or what Christian Science calls "animal magnetism," which is explained in the Lesson. The New Interpreter's Bible says, "The wicked believe that they are autonomous and thus are accountable to no one" (see Ps. 64:5); while The Expositor's Bible Commentary says, "Their sins will boomerang on them" (see Ps. 64:8).

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