I'm especially grateful for the experiences I've had over the years, which have proved to me the wonderful truth taught in Christian Science—that each of us is always under the full and harmonious control of a loving God.

One such experience occurred in 1941 when I was in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. I was on a training course where each trainee was required to make a small steel spring, as part of fabricating a set of callipers. The process involved quickly immersing the red-hot spring in water to harden it, then reheating the spring to about 327°C (556° F) to partially soften the metal in order to produce a springy condition. This was achieved by dipping the spring into a bath of molten lead. As I lowered the spring into the bath, I had not noticed that there was still some moisture on it from the hardening immersion. The moisture flashed into steam, and a drop of the molten lead flew into one of my eyes. (At that time, during the war, safety glasses were a rare item.)

November 10, 2008

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