I'd like to say thank you to Edmonde St. John for sharing her road trip inspiration in "The right road to harmony" in the June 19 issue [" '... practical, operative Christian Science' "]. Her phrase "to remain in a 'healing consciousness' " has been simple for me to remember and has also helped me to check my thought many times a day. Her complete statement was, "It's more important to remain in a 'healing consciousness'—a state of thought that's receptive to spiritual healing—than it is to be on the right road."

I've been able to complete this for myself: "It's more important to remain in a 'healing consciousness' than it is to be impatient with my family; than it is to be frustrated with co-workers; than it is to feel sad with news that a friend's marriage is breaking up ...." How wonderful to maintain a "levelheadedness and poise" that make holding that "healing consciousness" applicable to any situation.

A spiritual demand for balance
August 14, 2006

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