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When I was in the fourth grade, some of the boys in my class started clubs that excluded people. One boy was sort of the leader. And he was acting like a bully. I did everything that I could to get into the club, but they were cheating and being unfair. And they wouldn't let me join. I felt really hurt on the inside, and I felt pretty sad, too. Also, I felt as if I had no friends.

I came home one day, and my mom could tell that something was wrong. So I told her about the excluding clubs. We decided to pray about it. And I also called a Christian Science practitioner for help. The practitioner gave me lots of good thoughts to pray with. Some of the thoughts were: God is my true friend. He loves me. And I can never be excluded from God's love, wherever I am.

'From those who have, to those who need'
May 1, 2006

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