The spiritual vs. the sensual

The words centrifugal and centripetal spring to mind in thinking about this week's topic of sensuality. Centrifugal is upward and outward action leading away from its source, whereas centripetal is inward and downward and leading back toward its source. Mary Baker Eddy uses these words in an article titled "The New Birth." To me, they indicate the activity of thought and action in the direction of either the spiritual vs. the sensual, and I boil it down to things like expansive vs. restrictive, unselfish vs. selfish, grace vs. force, giving vs. taking, moral vs. immoral, right vs. wrong, serving God vs. serving mammon.

It seems easy enough to distinguish the spiritual from the sensual. But the world at large tends to advocate "spiritual" experience through the physical senses, focusing on and amplifying bodily awareness and enhancement as a gateway to a stress-free, peaceful life. Where does one begin in discovering true identity?

Items of interest
Items of interest
March 13, 2006

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