The time has come

These days, drawing a line in the sand has become a reality, not just a metaphor. However, the fact remains that battling inflexibly over political opinions, or what one person thinks is right and another thinks is wrong, throws everyone into a foxhole. And these foxholes are not just on the battlefield. When individuals become so entrenched in the rightness of their opinions—and the wrongness of someone else's—the mental doors of understanding and openness slam shut. In this mindset, the healing peace of the Christ—God's presence in the human arena—becomes shadowed by the dark screen of self-righteousness.

In a free society, the pros and cons of political questions get equal airtime. And it's clear that despite repression in many countries, governments and citizens are striving increasingly to practice tolerance regarding other cultures, religions, and ways of life.

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April 28, 2003

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