Beyond the harm of chemicals

BUSINESS WAS SLOW behind my grocery store deli counter that morning, but things were hectic for my friend who worked the nearby bakery counter. Suddenly she cried out for help from the back kitchen, and I ran to see what was happening. She had slipped on a soapy spot on the concrete floor, barely catching herself before landing on her back. She wasn't hurt, so I helped her up. Since she needed to get back to her customers, I offered to clean up the soap.

The liquid was too thick to clean up with paper towels, and I couldn't find the mop anywhere, so I ended up using lots of dishrags from the utility sink. I wiped up the gloppy stuff by hand, rinsing and wringing the towels in hot water at the sink over and over again. Then I went back to my deli counter.

Unlocking God's potential in Southern Africa
April 28, 2003

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