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LONG AGO , when the world seemed fearsome and dangerous, a man traveled abroad tirelessly, telling people that there was a way of hope to be found—that there were answers to their illnesses and anger and insecurity.


For many years the Sentinel has been an inspiring part of my weekly reading list, and it has become so fresh and creative that I look forward to its arrival more than ever.
items of interest

items of interest

"Forget anti-wrinkle creams and botox treatments.

'. . . think on these things'

More than just shaping one's personal outlook, the quality of our thoughts and thought patterns has a direct impact on everyone's health and harmony.

No enemies in the kingdom

How a young man with a wavering faith found himself able to pray successfully for his family's well-being in the dark days of world war.
Rather than choose up sides, anyone can pray the kind of enlightened prayer that asks only for God's resolution of events.

No trouble shall touch them

A writer responds to concerns about the threat of SARS in her family and her community.

Prayers for peace

Selected responses to the Sentinel's request for prayers for the world.
The resentment and anger that follow terrorism can be eradicated through prayer, paving the way for restoration.

In nation rebuilding, it's one step at a time

In the first of a two-part series, a family shares its approach to helping Afghanistan remake itself into a unified, productive nation.
When I was growing up, I learned Bible stories, the Ten Commandments, and Jesus' teachings, healings, and parables.
A woman's healing through prayer, following her exposure to a dangerous and caustic industrial cleanser.

Unlocking God's potential in Southern Africa

"Ideas change the world only when they are shared.
Testimony of Healing

Healings of the heart

My thoughts were transported from preoccupation with a material situation involving a heart, broken both emotionally and physically, to a spiritual, a divine concept of heart.

Testimony of Healing
A couple of years ago, I discovered a mole on my back.
These days, drawing a line in the sand has become a reality, not just a metaphor.

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