No need to go to the emergency room

A few years ago I had a number of large and heavy boxes to deliver. As I loaded them into the van I planned to use, I had to push the boxes as far in as possible to fit the load. My feet were planted on the ground, with my right knee against the bumper. I gave a mighty shove to push a 60-pound case forward. The result was that my knee acted as a fulcrum and the force severely damaged it. The pain was immobilizing. I could neither walk nor bend my leg. I thought, "Father, I need a little help."

Just then a jogger came by. I called out to him and asked him to go to the house to let my wife know I was in trouble, and she came out to the van. I asked her to call a Christian Science practitioner for me. As she went back into the house to do this, the jogger identified himself as a doctor from a nearby hospital, and he gently helped me get into the van. He felt that I had dislocated my knee, had strained some tendons, and ruptured some ligaments. He urged me to go immediately to the emergency room of his hospital.

Testimony of Healing
A healing that left no scar
March 26, 2001

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