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Peacekeeping, you could say, is a matter of choicemaking.


Recently two things came into my life which helped immeasurably to dispel the cloud of depression I was in following the passing of my husband.
items of interest

items of interest

Marvin J.

Beyond oil, sand, and politics

An Arizona rabbi is actively working for peace in the Middle East. And he's got a lot of people in the community at his side.

'I am a Palestinian'

A case study in waging peace: how prayer brought goodwill to 12 people in a Berlin night-school class.
Not long ago, I served as chairman of a peace committee in my home country of Nigeria.

Operation 'New Hope'

A commander in a United Nations peace mission in Cambodia tells how 400 people achieved a modern-day Exodus.
your decisions

'If only God would give us a clear sign—like a large blazing arrow hanging high in the sky.'

Fundamentally, what works for kids also works for grown-ups.
Testimony of Healing

Typhus healed

Spiritual understanding continued to free me.

Testimony of Healing

'Choose life'

At that very instant, a thought from the Scriptures came to me.

Testimony of Healing

Coming back home

Complete healing came step by step.


How two dads prayed for the ski team

We considered the team's needs, wrestled with the problems, sought guidance and insight from one another, and prayed together.


What works at work

What can transform an unhappy environment is something quite simple and fundamental: a shift in thinking.

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