Holy moments behind bars

Hearts touched by God's love

Each of us wore a photo identification tag around our neck. As we walked down the corridors, the doors opened electronically and then clanged shut, locking behind us. We knew we were being watched. If we got lost in the maze of colorless hallways, a voice would come from nowhere directing us to our destination.

We were about to conduct a church service on a Sunday afternoon in our county jail. After the guards had announced the service over the loud speaker to the various pods, a number of young men entered the little room that served as a chapel. The door was locked behind them. A few of the men sat in pairs, the others quietly off by themselves. They were openly friendly and seemed earnestly grateful that we had chosen to spend some of our Sunday afternoon with them. Indeed, we were happy to be there, feeling the presence of God bringing us together as brothers and sisters who cared for each other.

In awe of Love
September 25, 2000

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