call the security guard or pray?

Prayer tames an unruly neighbor.

The concert had just started when a disheveled young man pushed his way through the crowd to the empty patch of grass next to me and my son. It wasn't long before this newcomer started to shout obscenities at the performers and make derisive comments about the program. The people around us began to move away, and I instinctively pulled my son a little closer. My first thought was to get a security guard to escort the vociferous visitor from the area. There's nothing wrong with that approach, but I also knew that I could make a difference by praying.

I had learned that turning to God in times of trouble is a safe choice. In other situations where I had felt frightened or insecure, my prayers had helped me gain peace and composure. I knew that calming my thought by trusting God's omnipotence would help me find a solution in this situation, too.

An answer to religious persecution
September 13, 1999

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