Prayer brings safety in severe storm and conquers pain

An August storm in the White Mountains of New Hampshire caused me to have the most frightening moments of my life. We were caught out on an open ridge in a thunderstorm about a mile below the Mt. Washington summit. The wind was so strong it knocked us all to the ground. I knew I had to get in control of myself, had to overcome the fear and panic.

The Lord's Prayer came to my thought. As I repeated it to myself, I felt calmer. Then I thought about God's ever-presence and love for all of us. The story of the disciples caught in a storm at sea came to mind (see Matt 8:23-26). I thought about how calm Jesus was when the disciples woke him, fearful for their lives. As Christ Jesus rebuked the wind and waves, the sea calmed and the fears of the disciples left them. Thinking about this Bible story, I was able to see each of us as safe in God's care. God does not create perils to make us feel fearful. God had cared for the disciples and was caring for the four of us and for those hikers I knew were behind us on the trail.

Testimony of Healing
Prejudice healed; effects of an accident overcome
July 26, 1999

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