Severely injured finger healed through prayer

I was trimming a bunch of flowers with a sharp knife one morning, when I accidentally cut my index finger severely. Grabbing a kitchen cloth, I wrapped the finger and found my way to a sofa.

Since I was alone except for my three-year-old child, I knew I needed to reach out to God wholeheartedly in order to deal with this frightening and painful emergency. My prayer began very simply, if a little desperately. Noticing my distress, my little boy approached the sofa and said gently: "It's all right, Mama. God is all around you." It was as though an angel had spoken through the purity and simplicity of this little child, and it had a healing effect. Something had been stirred in my consciousness that enabled me to take the next logical step. I turned on a tape player close at hand and played a recording of the chapter "Recapitulation" from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. I've found listening to these cassettes to be a helpful way of filling my thought with spiritual truths. I don't remember exactly which statements I listened to, but my fear and weakness gave way to strength, and to an awareness of God's loving presence. Soon I was able to bandage the finger.

Testimony of Healing
Spiritual understanding removes unsightly growth
April 26, 1999

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