Lighting one another's candles

For the first time in many weeks, I was happy.

Many years ago, when deeply depressed over a conflict with friends, I felt the gloom disappear with some simple new ideas. While I was shopping, a woman gave me a searching look. I appreciated her concern. Then, in the brightly lighted foyer, the thought came: "See what God has done for you." Just then, a young couple with identical smiles on their faces walked in. This, too, indicated to me the truth among God's creation: joy, harmony, and love— not sorrow, self-affliction, self-condemnation, nor misery.

For the first time in many weeks, I was happy. Then I saw a neighbor who looked as dismal as I had felt a moment before. I chatted happily with her, and her face brightened. This gift of happiness had beamed out to someone else. Once or twice after that, disturbing thoughts about my situation returned. But they quickly left when I remembered to look for what God has made—good, not evil. The formerly strained relations with my friends became harmonious.

Testimony of Healing
Severely injured finger healed through prayer
April 26, 1999

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