Prayer brings immediate freedom from cigarette smoking

I started smoking when I was seventeen. I had had a small part in a movie, which was set in a girl's correctional facility. In a particular scene, one of the girls lights up a cigarette that she has stolen from the doctor's office and then passes it around so that we can all take a puff. I took a puff, too—and almost choked! Later, I got to thinking—suppose I get a part where I really have to smoke (I never did!)—I wouldn't know how. I'd better practice, I thought. So I bought a pack of cigarettes and practiced—for the next fifteen years!

By now, however, I was hooked. But I also had become very interested in Christian Science. How well I remember getting comfortable, lighting up, and reading Science and Health. In due course I reached the part where the book says, "Puffing the obnoxious fumes of tobacco, or chewing a leaf naturally attractive to no creature except a loathsome worm, is at least disgusting" (p. 407). I didn't like thinking of myself that way.

Testimony of Healing
Freedom of movement restored
December 20, 1999

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