Freedom of movement restored

While sowing grass seeds in bare spots in our backyard, I was bending over on my knees to sprinkle the seeds with one arm as I used the other arm to hold me up. While doing this, I noticed a faint ache in one shoulder, so I finished by standing up and tossing soil on the seeds. The rest of the day and night I didn't think about the aches anymore. The next day I also tossed the seeds and soil on another section, standing up instead of bending down. But that night my shoulder hurt all night, and I couldn't sleep.

In the morning I called a Christian Science practitioner for treatment. I also read this passage in Science and Health: "Mind produces all action. If the action proceeds from Truth, from immortal Mind, there is harmony; but mortal mind is liable to any phase of belief" (p. 419). Had I been thinking that by putting my hand on the ground to hold me up, the muscles in my shoulder had been sprained, instead of knowing that only Mind produces action—harmonious action?

Fostering children's faith
December 20, 1999

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