DEAR Sentinel:

Have you ever been afraid of monsters or ghosts? When I was in first grade (I'm in third grade now), I was afraid that there were monsters under the covers in my bed. Every night it would be hard to sleep.

One night I was so afraid that I wouldn't even dare to stick my toes under the covers. I decided to pray to my Father-Mother God. I asked Him to help me get unafraid. I listened for good thoughts that might help me. A hymn by Mary Baker Eddy came into my head. It starts out: "Brood o'er us with Thy shelt'ring wing" (Hymn No. 30 in the Christian Science Hymnal). The part that helped me most was "Seek holy thoughts and heavenly strain ...." Even if monsters could be real, I knew they would not be holy. And since everything in God's kingdom is holy, monsters or ghosts or anything like that could not be real.

Testimony of Healing
Medically diagnosed incurable condition fully healed
December 20, 1999

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