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To Our Readers

Do you recall your first taste of freedom?


I appreciate the attentiveness, thought, and letters of those who have responded to my question in the November 16 Sentinel.
items of interest

items of interest

"To disregard the ecosystem out of ignorance is one thing.
If you had to draw a picture of freedom, what would it look like? Endless sky, a bird in flight, a child swinging high? Would you put yourself in the picture? You should. In truth, you're an expression, or picture, of God's perfect freedom.

I knew then that I had had a glimpse of spiritual truth.


It's not your committee!

It isn't always easy to mind your own business, but with God's help you can.
The vision thing

Christ never fails

There's no place you can go, no threat you might face, that can keep the light of Christ from dawning in your consciousness and revealing God's truth about you.

Who is this man?

"There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water:Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink.

Am I worth anything?

As she learned her worth to God, this author found purpose and fulfillment in countless opportunities to serve others.

Prayer in sports

A running back for the Detroit Lions, Tommy Vardell shares insights gained from his metaphysical laboratory—the football field.

The story of Daniel

What did Daniel take with him into the lions' den that kept the lions from eating him?
Testimony of Healing

By the time I had been reading Science and Health for three months, I realised I had not had a migraine in all that time, and knew I never would again.

Testimony of Healing

Ringworm cured

For a time I prayed while sitting on my hands, to keep from scratching.

Testimony of Healing

Severe pain ended

I claimed my God-given exemption from pain.

Testimony of Healing

Hearing fully restored

The healing came in a few days, and it has been permanent.


There wasn't any human action I could take to help my child. Instead I took action spiritually.

The Christian Science Sentinel was established by Mary Baker Eddy ".

Currency for the global economy

There's a kind of currency that never runs short.

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