A childlike approach to fitness

Giving less thought to what we eat is a wise thing to do.

PURSUING THE MOST up-to-date outlook on nutrition, exercise, and bodily proportion can become practically a fulltime job. But increasingly people are coming to the conclusion that total fitness involves more. There is a spiritual hunger that, once filled, can bring the answer to the litany of bodily concerns.

How can we fill our spiritual need and speed our progress away from a fixation with the body? A clue might be taken from the attitude of young children. A young child doesn't care if his clothes have a designer label or if his body isn't shaped like the people on television. And, generally, if he's truly hungry, he will eat whatever is offered to him, and then naturally stop eating when he's full. A well-caredfor child has learned to trust that his needs will be met both now and in the future. Without the anxiety about health and appearance that has been educated into us by the world around us, we, too, might be as free as children in trusting these things to our heavenly Parent, God.

High Winds and God's help
January 4, 1999

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