Effects of a fall fully healed

"Just as you prayed to banish the belief of headache, you can now pray to banish the belief of a fall on the ice." This is the thought that came to me as I went to my desk to pray, to affirm the fact that harmony is the law of God and that it was that law that I was under and no other. I had previously prayed in this way about a headache until it had disappeared, and this was what I was remembering that afternoon after I had taken a bad fall on a patch of ice.

Although I had landed on my back, as soon as I was aware of where I was, the thought that man was unfallen from his high estate immediately came to me. With it was the idea of the First Commandment, that I did not have to acknowledge any power but the power of God, good. A great sense of joy filled my consciousness. In fact, I was surprised to find myself actually rejoicing in the opportunity to prove the reality of Spirit and the unreality of the claim of accident, pain, and fear.

Are you limiting yourself?
January 4, 1999

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