Running with God

God's healing currents surround us.

ON BALMY SUMMER evenings I love to watch the sea gulls gliding gracefully on invisible air currents. Their wings often come close to each other, but they never collide. I marvel at their polished performance. The perfect display reminds me of the eternal currents of spirituality that run through the Bible and are just as available to us as the air currents are to the gulls.

Current means a continuous outward flowing. I did some exploring of this word and found that it comes from the Latin currere, to run, which also gives us concur, to run together hence to agree. I rather like the thought of "running" with God. Running (agreeing) together shows unity in purpose and goal. It's a joyful activity. Christ Jesus always agreed with his Father's will. How could he have achieved so many healings and other proofs of God's goodness if he hadn't been constantly "running" with God? Spirituality was the vital current of his life. His enemies tried in vain to destroy it.

Needed: counterfeit agents
January 4, 1999

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