Are you a chicken or a Christian?

Don't be afraid to love your neighbor.

It was A terrible argument, punctuated with obscenities and steadily increasing in volume. When I first arrived, the couple arguing were in a car several spaces from mine. But while their altercation became more heated, people who had parked their cars in between us returned and drove away. Soon I had a front-row seat.

We were in a parking lot overlooking the beach where I had come that beautiful sunny day to spend some quiet time reading the Bible and Christian Science literature. I had scarcely opened my books before the commotion began, and it was very difficult to concentrate. First, I was annoyed. What had I done to deserve this? Then I looked more closely at my Christian Science Quarterly. The topic of the Bible Lesson that week was "Christian Science." Clearly, the spiritual truths I had learned in Christian Science were needed in this situation, and although I'd had other plans for my precious hour of study time, I decided that this was an important opportunity to pray.

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November 9, 1998

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