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If I Told You that someone warned that marriage, in general, is on slippery footing, you'd hardly be shocked.


I opened the Sentinel.
items of interest

items of interest

"America Is Transitioning from a Christian nation into a syncretistic, spiritually diverse society," says George Barna, a researcher who tracks Christian issues.

What makes marriage work?

Whether you're approaching your golden wedding anniversary, struggling with a troubled marriage, considering "taking the plunge," or happily single, the qualities of thought discussed here—and the importance placed on expressing them in daily life—can serve as a road map to richer, deeper relations with others.
God's answer to this author's prayer to stop drinking surprised her. But she obeyed and found herself free even of the desire for alcohol.

Are you a chicken or a Christian?

The scenario: a heated altercation in a public place between a man and a woman who are strangers to you. As the woman stands there sobbing in the aftermath, what do you do?

3 gummy worms

Her child's remorse over stealing some candy prompts this mother to reconsider the meaning—and value—of genuine repentance.
"At last! I'm free!" Raise your expectations When the Hells' Angels came to town
God gives all of us—kids and adults—all the love and intelligence we need.

Morning and night

In the morning.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer eliminates extreme fear

The fear faded away completely as I realized what true love is—God's love that overcomes anything that is not good.

Testimony of Healing

Calm during a crisis

I never felt for an instant that God was not with me and my wife.

Testimony of Healing

Multiple injuries healed

I had to recognize that pain is unreal because God never causes it.

Testimony of Healing

Surfing accident quickly healed

While out surfing one day, I'd caught a wave and, as usual, at the end of the wave I jumped off my board.

Real Christianity has never been a religion of just contemplation.


We're each unique, with individual, beautiful qualities.

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