Thought scanning

My computer had been increasingly plagued over a period of months with odd little problems. None were crippling, but they were annoying and grew progressively worse. Eventually I realized the problem was a virus—an anonymous and intentional effort to cause computer problems. Viruses are software programs that have been written by someone and then embedded within a computer file, sometimes with a motive to destroy computer data. Fortunately, there are other software programs that scan computers and remove viruses. I was able to install one, and after a cleaning process, the computer was soon running smoothly again. From then on, the scanning program examined all files coming into the computer. If the source was not clean, the computer would not accept the files.

During this process, I recognized an underlying rule. A virus is not native to the computer and is harmless unless it enters the computer. The solution lies in examining all incoming material and requiring it to meet certain standards. Even material contaminated only a tiny bit must be rejected.

Spirituality ... in the sports section?
September 22, 1997

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