A few months before the youngest of my stepchildren graduated...

A few months before the youngest of my stepchildren graduated from high school, my husband and I separated and divorced. The settlement was difficult, and we were both burdened with financial responsibilities. I moved to another city, where I lived modestly in order to meet all my financial obligations. But I was aware that my former husband was not doing the same. I refused, however, to be angry or to make judgments about his conduct and knew that because man is the honest, beloved child of God, I should not sin, nor suffer for the sins of others. I was responsible for my own thoughts and actions, and I could keep them moral, honest, and full of integrity.

Six and a half years later, however, a loan to purchase an automobile was denied because my former husband's financial delinquencies were reflected on my credit report. I prayed for a solution. About this same time, my youngest stepdaughter wrote a loving Christmas note thanking me for her wonderful childhood memories and telling me she planned to visit a city within my driving distance and would love to see me. Her timely message helped me to remember all of the good that had been accomplished during the marriage. My relationship with the children had remained strong throughout the years. I borrowed a car, and we had a wonderful visit.

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