Pressure and the irresistible nature of Christ

When I was in high school, our science teacher explained that when certain solids are subjected to extreme pressures, they will begin to exhibit the properties of liquids. Later, when I became an oceanographer, I saw an example of this.

I had occasion to fasten a glass net float on a wire and lower it to an extreme depth. Before we sent it down, I noticed that it had a number of deep scratches and cracks. Although its watertight integrity seemed intact, I felt sure that the extreme pressure of the depths would crush it. Upon bringing it back to the surface, however, I was amazed to see the sphere perfect, without a vestige of its former scratched and cracked appearance. Then I recalled the illustration from my science teacher's class. Obviously the extreme pressure had caused the glass to flow together, and this erased the imperfections.

Eternal Comforter
June 16, 1997

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