"How does God see this child?"

Rather than eating in the teachers' lounge, I often had lunch in my classroom while grading papers. This particular day, however, I ate in the lounge, and the conversation centered on discipline, with many bemoaning the fact that their methods of handling serious discipline problems weren't working. My thought was drifting when suddenly one of the teachers turned to me and asked, "Well, what's the answer?" I was taken aback and thought at first that she wasn't really expecting an answer. But then I realized I indeed had the answer because I had proved it, so I piped up: "I do have the answer. It's unconditional love." I then related a short version of the following experience.

Just before summer vacation one year, I was given my class list for the following school year. As I looked at the names, my heart sank, for among them was the name of a girl I had heard every year since she was in kindergarten. She was known as being very disruptive and rebellious. In fact, no one ever had a kind word to say about her. Previously I had almost left the teaching profession because of a similar student, and I knew I needed to do a lot of growing (spiritually) in order to meet this challenge. My thought now was "Either I can spend my whole summer worrying about this, or I can study the Bible and Science and Health and gain the spiritual understanding needed to heal this situation." I chose the latter.

God blesses you and your school environment
September 9, 1996

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