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Can children throughout the world be safe and happy?

My journey into self-worth began when I started reading the Bible in that home for unwed mothers.


Healing child abuse

Although the abuse seemed at times too great to bear, what she was learning about God in Christian Science always gave her hope.


Reclaiming yourself

If you feel your innocence has been stolen from you, you're not alone, and you're definitely not a lost cause.



It's all right to cry.
The Stand for Children day in Washington, D.
School in safety

To adoptive and foster parents: what the Bible offers

She loved the Scriptural idea of "children of promise.
Earlier this year, from May 1 through 14, a Mission Information Line was set up, and senior managers were available to answer questions and comments about the Church's Mission Statement.
"It's important to be happy," says Nagi.
This column is a place to explore questions with other readers and with the editorial staff of the Christian Science Sentinel.
JIMMY was just five years old when I first met him.
Testimony of Healing

Our family lived in a high
crime area. I was
unemployed. This is
where Christian Science
found me.

Testimony of Healing

I knew God was caring for me. In a few moments, all pain in my thumb had disappeared and there was no evidence of any accident.

Testimony of Healing

Last summer we were herding sheep in the mountains

Dad took me into the sheep-wagon. I couldn't walk. I prayed some more. After lunch I could walk and I rode all that afternoon.

Testimony of Healing

God blesses all, infinitely
and impartially, and if this
transaction was to meet the
needs of one, it simply had
to bless all, buyer and
seller alike. ... The house
was sold in two and a half

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